“Some time ago we organised a football tournament. Several teams from our community centers took part and lots of people came to watch. When they arrived, the spectators assumed they’d be supporting their ‘national’ teams, so the Syrians sat on one side of the stadium, and the Turks sat on the other. But at our community centers, Turks and Syrians play together on the same team. At first this really surprised people, but then they got into it. By the end both sides of the stadium were cheering the mixed teams together. For me this is the new Gaziantep!”

Önder Yalçın, Head of Migration Office, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

“When I was organising drama workshops with Syrian children, one of them asked me, ‘When we put on this play, will there only be Syrian kids on the stage?’ I really didn’t know what to say. The kid made me think. Then I decided to involve Turkish children too. I have to admit that I was hesitant at the beginning. But listening to Mr Önder, I realised that it’s possible to make this work. I’m really motivated now to help the Syrian and Turkish kids put on a beautiful joint production that they – and we all – can be proud of.”

Hamza Koy, Logistics Student and Creative Drama Trainer