“When I think of the new Gaziantep, I think of the university. Lots of young Syrians are studying here now, preparing themselves for the future. Someday, when we return to our eternal homeland, these young people will be part of reconstructing it. If we have education, we can do anything. Without it, we’ll be lost. So a lot depends on what’s happening right now at Gaziantep University. It’s not just the key to the future of this area – it’s also the key to the future of Syria.”

Dr Muhammed Vecih Cuma, Head of Turkman Council

“Just like Dr Vecih, my father realised that education is the key to overcoming all kinds of challenges. He grew up as the youngest of nine children. He was good in school and wanted to become a teacher, but my grandfather didn’t want him to go to university. His whole life he’s felt incomplete as a result. When he became a parent he swore that he’d always put his children’s education first. And he has. He’s given my sisters and me the chance to study that he never had.”

Didem Yıldırım, Engineer