“Building social cohesion is a lot like creating a mosaic. In mosaic art you form a picture by bringing together lots of small pieces of different colors. Once they are placed next to each another, these tiny pieces form something new. With people it’s just the same. Acts of kindness and beauty appear as soon as we start interacting with each other. And despite the differences between us, these connections make all our lives more valuable.”

Fatma Arslan, Mosaic Artist and Teacher

“After the conversation with Fatma, I kept coming back to what she said about social cohesion being like mosaic art. It made me realise that my job is also a bit like creating a mosaic. I teach children with disabilities, and I love what I do. I work with children of all ages and backgrounds and needs. Each child is different, just like the pieces of a mosaic. There are no boundaries of language, religion or nationality between us. Together we form the most beautiful mosaic imaginable.”

Nazmiye Özaslan, Special Needs Teacher and Volunteer