“I remember a time when I visited the refugee camp to see if I could help out. I found two young kids alone in their tent, their mother and brother had gone out to work. When I asked if they were OK they said they were hungry, so I got some food and we ate and played together. Soon there was happiness all around. The love and compassion you give others reflects back on you and it feels like sunshine caressing your face.”

Salih Hartavioğlu, Faculty of Engineering, Harran University

“The story about the two kids took me back to a day when I was in high school. My family was going through a rough patch and often we didn’t have any money. One day I came home from school hungry, but there was nothing in the fridge. There was no one at home either. It felt like forever until my mother came home and I could eat something. I know what those two children must have felt like. No matter how different we think we are, there are so many things we have in common.”

Leyla Yazgı, Economics Graduate