“I remember a time when I went to an event for Syrian orphans. I took my own kids with me so that they could get to know these children who have had quite different lives. It was wonderful to see how quickly they started playing together and became friends. People have been through terrible times in this war. It is when we get together, face to face, that we can share some of this pain and connect.”

Mahmut Kaya, Sociology Department, Harran University

“I’m a mother and the conversation with Professor Mahmut made me think about the toll that conflict has on children. But also about how resilient they are. It’s easy for children to make friends and have fun. I think about my own kids and how music and dancing brings them to life. It doesn’t take much to make a child smile. We need more events like this one which bring children together.”

Birsen Banu Uyguner, Student, Sociology Department