“Once when I was in the tent city during the first years of the war, a Syrian mother tried to give her newborn baby to a colleague of mine who doesn’t have children. ‘You can take her. She can be yours,’ the woman said. This is how desperate some mothers were then. But the situation has changed. Now we have community centers, and mothers who were ready to give away their babies to us years ago are now working as part of our team.”

Buket Arvad Singan, Doctor

“There are sufferings in life that destroy women, and sufferings that make them grow. Women are exposed to the dirtiest face of war – being forced to migrate, being homeless, losing loved ones, having to play the role of both mother and father. Every direction you look you can see women being emotionally exploited and deprived of their rights. But there are also women like Dr Buket. She gives me hope for the future of our world.”

Zülüf Ayneli, Student, Sociology Department