“When I was a young teacher, one of my students had such problems at home that she would sometimes come to stay with me. Once she came looking for me when I was on vacation. She slept on my doorstep for two days before finally giving up and going home. That night she committed suicide.

After this tragedy I swore to help women in difficult situations. I’m inspired by women who seek their own path. One small step can lead to a thousand more, so let’s make sure that nothing stands in their way.”

Ayşegül Çelebioğlu, Vocational Training Teacher and Activist

“Ayşegül’s story made me think of a difficult time from my own childhood, when my father was really struggling. Things were so bad he even thought of suicide. Around that time he wrote us a letter. He said that, if necessary, his sons should be pulled out of school to start working so that his daughter could finish her education. Just like Ayşegül, he’s always believed that women should play active roles in our community. I think so, too. When women believe in themselves – and when we believe in them – the world will be a better place.”

Eren Baysalman, Graduate, Business Administration