“At the community center where I work we decided to offer an Arabic language class. We didn’t know if anyone would be interested, but we just tried. And I am glad we did. I was surprised to see how many Turkish people of all different ages want to learn Arabic! For me, as a language teacher, there is nothing as beautiful as seeing people becoming closer by learning each other’s languages.”

Seba Hamsho, Teacher

“I knew exactly what Mrs Seba meant when she described the feeling you get when you see people growing closer by learning each other’s language. I can speak Turkish fluently and thought I’d use this to help bring people together. So I organised a photography class for Syrian and Turkish teenagers. One day we did a session outside and I saw it happening: everyone forgot about being Syrian or Turkish and just had a great time taking pictures of each other.”

Zekeriya Shobek, Activities Facilitator at Community Center