“I grew up in a progressive family which values education and women’s rights. From early on I knew I was on a path to leadership. It hasn’t been easy, though. I’ve struggled a lot along the way. In this society, many men can’t accept that women play important roles in all kinds of fields – medicine, astronomy, biology, you name it. But the fact is, women are everywhere and always will be.”

Behiye Nur Kurtoğlu, Coordinator, Youth Branch of a Political Party

“I’m really impressed by women, like Ms Behiye, who face difficult situations and don’t give up. I think this is because of my mother. She’s been through a lot in life. And even though she couldn’t go to school, she’s always told me that I have to study and stand on my own feet if I want to achieve something. Now that I’m a student, she is my biggest supporter and my greatest inspiration.”

Merve Turgut, History Student and Volunteer