“As a journalist my first priority has always been to make children happy. Why? Because children are innocent. They don’t care about national borders, religions or languages. They know what really matters: love, kindness and being able to laugh!

There’s a project I’m very proud of. It’s called ‘Your City, Your Colours’. An artist made drawings of different neighbourhoods of Gaziantep and we turned it into a colouring book. It got distributed to 65,000 Turkish and Syrian children across the city. They loved it! 65,000 happy children – what more can one ask for?”

İhsan Köklü, Journalist

“Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I was so proud when I finally qualified. But on my first day, I almost lost my courage. I had no idea how to communicate with the Syrian children at the school. Then a little Syrian girl walked up to me, hugged me and smiled – and I did the same. It felt like we were speaking the same language with our smiles. This little girl made me realise that I’ll be learning a lot during my teaching journey.”

Pınar Yıldırım, Teacher