“For me, the schools where Syrian and Turkish children are studying together represent the best of what’s happening in Gaziantep today. Schools are where we’re fermenting the ‘dough’ of the future. If we want to build hope, we must sow the seeds right here, among children and teachers. If we dream of a future together, schools are the places where we can jointly create this future. They offer the space, the time and the opportunity for us to make the very best out of what we have.”

Hasan Eşici, Faculty of Education, University of Hasan Kalyoncu

“I was impressed by Mr Hasan Esici’s passion for schools and his belief in what they can achieve for social cohesion. Even though he is an academic at the university, he’s still deeply interested in schools – his heart is in it! He really cares about what he does. I hope that someday, when I’m a teacher, I will be just as passionate about my work. For me, this conversation was like a light, showing the way toward my own future.”

Esin Yigit, Student, Department of Early Childhood Education