“My father once told me, ‘If we were soldiers and you were in my troop, I’d never worry about watching my back. I trust you completely.’ He’s given me huge support on my life journey and it’s made all the difference. Sometimes people don’t react positively when they see me, a woman, in charge of the youth and cultural center and attending important meetings. But I’ve always been proud of myself that I can represent Sanliurfa’s women on these occasions.”

Mercan Ersöz, Sociologist and Coordinator of Sanliurfa Youth & Cultural Center

“When Ms Mercan told me about her journey as a woman in our society, it made me think about the role of parents. It really surprised me to hear about a woman in Sanliurfa getting such support from her father. I admire him for this. Women in our city face a lot of difficult situations and I see that support from parents can make a big difference in overcoming them. Women can achieve so much if we don’t stand in their way.”

Garip Ay, Public Relations Student and Trainer